Writing Workshops – Advanced Topics

Beta Program Now Enrolling

Take your writing to the next level with the WritingEssentials Advanced Workshops on higher-level topics, such as refining dialogue and characterizations, developing descriptions for impact and atmosphere, understanding and working with point of view, crafting nonfiction essays and personal stories, and working on larger book projects, whether a novel or memoir.

  • Lectures & lessons including subject/topic overviews
  • Assignments & writing exercises – based on best practices
  • Weekly writing sprint group membership
  • Workshop forums & Q & A
  • Peer review & critique groups
  • Review of selected work by instructor

Beta Program members will have say in selecting Workshop topics. Depending on the topic, workshops will run between 6 and 10 weeks.

Advanced Workshops will launch June 1, 2022, if at least 5 people sign up. Beta Program members pay a reduced lifetime rate of $25/month. This rate will increase once Workshops are established. You may cancel membership at any time.

Spots in the Beta Program are limited and available on a first come, first serve basis, so you’ll want to reserve your spot ASAP.

If interested, please send me your name and best contact information. Instructions for joining will be sent when enrollment minimums are met.

For questions, contact me at ellen@writingessentialsbyellen.com.