Continuing Education Writing Workshop

through the Bethlehem Central School District (BSCD)

Delmar, NY

with Ellen Higgins, Ph.D.

professional writer, editor, and teacher

Offered fall and spring, this class has been taught online, but will probably return to in-person meetings at the Bethlehem CSD High School in September 2022. (Non-residents may enroll, but pay a slightly higher fee.)

Description: So you’ve always wanted to write a book or you’ve always written something-stories, letters, a journal? Perhaps there is a story you’ve always wanted to tell?

This eight-week online workshop offers a supportive environment for your writing, with practical exercises and strategies to inspire and improve your work.

In addition to mini-lectures on elements and techniques of writing, the virtual class will consist of large and small group discussion and exercises to connect with your creativity and to hone your skills. Online resources available outside of class.

Registration is through the BSCD Continuing Ed Program. Check their website for the Program brochure which is issued in the fall and spring.

For questions, contact me at

“I began to see that about half the student’s battle is learning basic skills, while the other half involves tapping into imagination, memory and a singular view of life and the world, a view no one else shares until you put it into words.”

Annie Bernays co-author of What If: Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers?

What Ellen’s participants are saying . . .

“You are such a sensitive and encouraging teacher. I am amazed each week how you really seem to understand the goals of each person and then are able to speak to them—even remembering things they have written many weeks or longer ago.”

“Many of us have been inspired and encouraged by you.”

“I never would have done this if you had not told me about it—and showed me it could be done.”

“I am really enjoying the challenge. It is making me find time for me and my writing.”

“Ellen, your suggestions are so spot on.”

“Thank you so much for the terrific notes.”

“I really feel energized by your prompts.”

“You are so good for me – keep me inspired.”

“Your efforts are amazing- thank you.”

“I’ve been really enjoying these weekly groups.”

“Thank you for everything – these sessions have really helped me prioritize a piece of writing that has been very important to me.”

“What I liked about the sessions are that they drove home to me the importance of structure.”

“I want to both compliment you and thank you for a wonderful writing class experience. It has represented a fabulous early step for me on a new writing journey…

…So, how pleasantly surprised I have been to find you are a great teacher who really knows how to encourage writers. I have learned so much helpful information. More importantly, I have gotten several ideas for things to write that I am now pursuing. The upshot is, I am now writing, for the first time in my life — yay!”